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Introduction: Omerta: City of Gangsters Full Version PC Game
Free Download Omerta: City of Gangsters Full Version PC Game was a browser-based text MMORPG that ran from 2003 to 2013. In this game the player was a gangster in the 1930s. Players rank up by stealing cars, committing crimes, breaking people out of prison and dealing alcohol and narcotics.
Omerta went public on 26 September 2003 with the first version, now known as Omerta 1.0. It was originally written by Moritz Daan as an amateur project from his home town Groningen.

In three months the game had around 3000 active players with an average of 150 online at all times and peaks up to 500. During the 5 year run of Omerta, there have been about 3.5 million unique registrations across all versions.

After the initial growth, Steve Biddick purchased a majority of the shares in mid 2004, and formed Omerta Game Limited making him the CEO of Omerta Game Ltd. The company moved from Groningen in The Netherlands to Hull in the United Kingdom where it currently resides.

The initial version of the game, 1.0, was not stable enough and it was too easy to cheat. The game was reset in January 2004 to version 2.0. Version 2.0 was the first version to introduce Captchas as a meants to counter cheaters. With the reset to version 2.0, the game was also moved from shared hosting to a dedicated server in order to deal with the increase in number of players.

In July 2004, version 2.0 reached its end of life as the game was slow and unstable. The source code was reviewed and partially rewritten to accommodate more players and a click limit was introduced. New servers were rented to run the new game and it was relaunched during the same month as version 2.1.

In July 2005, Omerta 2.2 was launched. After this, the game was upgraded and reset roughly every six months, usually increasing the minor version. Major new features were introduced in version 2.4, like Mega Organized Crimes and a new kill algorithm. in July 2009 the last version was released under the version 3.0

In January 2008 Omerta moved to a new service provider and currently has about 20 servers running the FreeBSD operating system.

In July 2009 version 3.0 of Omerta was released, and is currently the active version on Omerta, in the first month after the release more than 100 000 players registered for this version.


Omerta is a strategic role playing game where you perform criminal activities to gain money and experience, together with other people families are formed which have power struggles to become the dominant family in the game. one of the most important assets is the kill function where you can kill other players to gain money or products. by playing the game you can rank up in levels both ingame as in the family to become the don of a family.
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